Today, IT Pros Face Problems from Every Direction

                    Now there’s a platform that helps solve them all.

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                    Intel? vPro? Platform Benefits1


                    Get a premium computing experience with optimized performance and battery life for increased productivity.


                    Help protect your business with endpoint security features that have a deeper layer of built-in protection.


                    Powerful PC management now possible with remote management solutions.


                    Experience improved stability to help simplify PC lifecycle complexity.

                    Learn More About the Intel? vPro? Platform and Solutions

                    Solutions for the Modern Business

                    Explore how Intel? vPro? platform solutions increase productivity, manageability, and security for your business.

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                    A Foundation for Digital Transformation

                    Deliver powerful performance, hardware-enhanced security, and new levels of productivity with the Intel? vPro? platform.

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                    Economic Impact of the Intel? vPro? Platform

                    Read this Forrester study on the economic impact of the Intel? vPro? platform.

                    Read the Forrester TEI report

                    The Economic Case for the Intel? vPro? Platform

                    This white paper describes how the Intel? vPro? platform can reduce TCO by impacting the lifetime incident profile for an installed base of computing endpoints.

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                    Estimate Total Cost of Ownership for PC Deployments

                    Use the Intel? vPro? platform TCO Estimator to discover the potential savings from deploying devices based on the Intel? vPro? platform.

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                    Cloud-Based Unified Endpoint Management Empowers the Enterprise

                    Atos and Intel's cloud-based unified endpoint management solution helps admin remotely manage PCs with the Intel? vPro? platform.

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                    Transform Your Business with the Intel? vPro? Platform

                    Intel? vPro? Platform Helps Law Firm Keep Data Secure

                    Intel? Core? vPro? processor-based laptops help employees at the law firm - Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP to be mobile, efficient, and productive, delivering exceptional customer service.

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                    Intel? vPro? Platform Helps Lightbridge Academy Focus on Future

                    Intel? Core? vPro? processor-based PCs help the Lightbridge Academy stay productive while helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow today.

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                    Built for Business Innovation

                    Transform computing endpoints into strategic corporate assets by selecting devices built on the Intel? vPro? platform.

                    Get Unmatched Identity Protection

                    Intel? Authenticate Solution provides easy-to-deploy end-to-end hardware-enhanced identity protection and customizable Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

                    Learn more about Intel? Authenticate Solution

                    Simplify Remote Management

                    Save time and reduce on-site support costs with remote discovery and recovery with Intel? Active Management Technology (Intel? AMT) – even in cases of power loss or OS failure.

                    Learn more about Intel? Active Management Technology

                    PC Lifecycle Management with Intel? Stable Image Platform Program (Intel? SIPP)

                    Intel? Stable Image Platform Program (Intel? SIPP) enables a predictable transition from one technology generation to the next.

                    Learn more about Intel? Stable Image Platform Program (Intel? SIPP)

                    Related Products and Solutions

                    Thunderbolt? 3 Technology

                    Get a fast and simple connection for displays and devices through a single, compact port.

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                    Intel? Optane? Memory

                    The first all-new class of memory in 25 years creates a bridge between the DRAM and storage to eliminate processing bottlenecks and improve performance in demanding applications.

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                    Enterprise Class SSDs

                    Designed for demanding business needs, Intel? 3D NAND SSD products provide reliable, high-speed storage with advanced security capabilities.

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                    Intel Unite? Solution

                    Make sure meetings start easily and on time—without calls to IT—with an extensible platform that streamlines existing tools and intelligent spaces. Intel Unite? solution makes workplace collaboration practical and scalable.

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                    Windows* 10 Migration with Intel? vPro? Platform

                    Learn how new computers built on the Intel? vPro? platform and Windows* 10 set a new pace for innovation.

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                    Processors Built on vPro Technology

                    New 8th Gen Intel? Core? vPro? processor-based computers help meet business intelligence needs - to analyze, share, transform, and predict patterns fast.

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                    Intel? Wi-Fi 6 (GIG+) Technology

                    See how Intel? Wi-Fi 6 (GIG+) can create a WiFi-only workplace to reduce costs, increase performance, and improve security.

                    Learn more

                    Read What Our Partners Are Saying About the Latest Intel? Core? vPro? Processor

                    “Accenture will take advantage of the next wave of security and manageability advancements in the latest Intel? Core? vPro? processor. These developments coupled with Accenture solutions will help clients transform their business in the cloud and bring new innovative services to market on their journey to digital transformation.” – Jack Sepple, Accenture Cloud, and Accenture Operations Group Technology Officer.

                    “Intel is delivering the next wave of innovation with the latest Intel? Core? vPro? processor with advanced security capabilities, new management features, and performance designed to be a catalyst for the digital transformation.” – John J. Minnick, Senior Director, Global Strategic Technology Partner Team, Atos, Inc.

                    “Technology leaders require devices that deliver productivity for employees while providing IT the management and security capabilities for maximum PC uptime and increased protection against threats. The latest Intel? Core? vPro? processor with CompuCom’s End-User Orchestrator? solution delivers productivity, remote manageability, and security to drive increased value for customers.”– Justin Mennen, CIO at CompuCom.

                    Product and Performance Information


                    Intel? technologies' features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No product or component can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at




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