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                    Intel IT plays a central role in increasing the value of Intel’s business. We work at the boundaries of innovation every day, developing data-driven solutions to improve the operations and processes of a global technology leader. Our deep knowledge and experience as IT professionals are shared with you here.

                    Driving the Digital Enterprise Transformation

                    Intel IT plays a crucial role in providing the solutions and services that drive Intel’s digital transformation. This report outlines our efforts to deliver business value as we accelerate Intel’s growth through best-in-class IT solutions and services. This includes integrating and expanding artificial intelligence and machine learning to critical business operations, capitalizing on the flexibility of our hybrid cloud, reducing technical debt to focus on innovation and building tomorrow’s workplace.



                    Using machine learning and smart analytics, we accelerated Intel’s time to market by 52 weeks.

                    Business Value


                    24 IT projects generated USD $1.25 billion in business value.

                    Revenue Influence


                    Intel IT influenced $2.85 billion towards Intel’s revenue through strategic partnerships and engagements.

                    IT Leadership

                    We’re developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies that deliver strong business value to our own and other’s enterprise IT organizations.

                    Driving Digital Business Transformation

                    Intel VP Steve Sciarappo talks about how Intel is driving digital business transformation across our supply chain.

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                    Inside IT: Executive Series Podcast

                    In this podcast series, Intel executive thought leaders talk about a range of topics on the minds of IT professionals.

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                    The Battle Against Technical Debt

                    Technical debt—outdated applications, architectures, and processes—can use the majority of IT resources in IT organizations.

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                    Enterprise Digital Transformation

                    Intel VP Amy Warner discusses the components of Intel’s own enterprise digital transformation from a PC-centric company to a data-centric company.

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                    Data & AI

                    Powered by advanced analytics, machine learning, AI, and high performance computing (HPC) capabilities, the data revolution is redefining how products are designed, manufactured, and sold.

                    Intel IT Is Connecting the Data

                    Aziz Safa, Chief Data Officer, VP, and GM of Enterprise Data and Platforms, talks about Intel IT's Corporate Data Office and how it is connecting the data across the company.

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                    AI Improves Sales Coverage

                    Intel IT developed Sales Assist to collect and analyze data from multiple sources including websites, sales, and social media.

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                    AI Accelerates Time to Market

                    Artificial intelligence optimizes the product-validation process to decreases costs and accelerate time to market.

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                    Transform Supply Chain with Real-Time Analytics

                    We're transforming our legacy supply chain into a modern "glass pipeline" to improve decision making and business agility.

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                    Platforms, Cloud & Security

                    Our secure cloud and mobile solutions deliver the agility needed to fully enable Intel’s digital transformation.

                    Intel's Multi-Cloud Strategy

                    Dan McKeon, VP, and GM of IT Infrastructure, discusses Intel's multi-cloud strategy and we are focusing our business on modernizing the workforce.

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                    Utilizing PaaS for Business Agility and IT Efficiency

                    As part of our multi-cloud strategy, Intel IT created a cloud application platform - platform as a service (PaaS).

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                    Securing the Cloud for Enterprise Workloads

                    Our approach to information security helps enable and secure the multi-cloud business strategy.

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                    A Holistic Cloud Approach for Big Savings

                    Our centralized cloud management saved the organization nearly a million dollars.

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                    Processes & Applications

                    Through our digital transformation, we are simplifying processes and driving coherent experiences across all enterprise applications.

                    Technical Debt Strategy and Framework

                    Learn how Intel IT developed a unique framework to successfully manage technical debt and position the enterprise for modernization, innovation, and digital transformation.

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                    Reduce Cost with Wireless Sensor Networks

                    Intel IT used Bluetooth? Low-Energy sensors with IoT gateways in a manufacturing environment. Wireless sensors’ reliability exceeded 99%.

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                    Scalable Predictive Maintenance Architecture

                    Intel IT developed a predictive-maintenance solution for fan filter units (FFUs) using edge-to-cloud computing.

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                    Driving Manufacturing with Advanced Analytics

                    Integrated manufacturing data and advanced analytics help Intel IT improve yield and time to market in Intel's factories.

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                    Modern Workplace

                    We’re creating a modern and empowering workplace equipped with cutting-edge technologies to increase employee engagement, retention, and efficiency, which will increase Intel’s digital competitiveness.

                    Deploying Windows* 10 on Intel Laptops

                    Intel? architecture-based laptops running Microsoft Windows* 10 gives employees advancements in multitasking performance.

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                    Easy Self-Setup Accelerates PC Delivery

                    Intel employees can get a new fully configured and personalized PC with all the standard IT-supported apps in about one hour.

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                    Driver and Firmware Maintenance

                    Intel IT developed a Gold Standard configuration that balances the need to upgrade against potential disruptions.

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                    Enhancing Intel Employee Productivity

                    Intel's employees rely on IT solutions to get work done. Employee productivity drives an increase in work quality and efficiency.

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                    Additional Resources for IT Managers

                    IT Peer Network

                    Find additional information about today’s hottest IT topics — like big data, cloud, mobility, and more — from our IT community and other industry experts.

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                    Inside IT Podcast Series

                    Hear Intel IT Subject Matter Experts discuss new trends, hot topics, and subjects that matter most to Enterprise IT.

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                    Keep up with IT innovation

                    Stay current on the technologies, trends, and ideas that are shaping the modern enterprise with updates from Intel.

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