Computer Systems and Devices Powered by Intel

                    Intel-powered computer systems and electronics provide business users, gamers, content creators, and everyday users with a wide range of powerful, reliable, and highly configurable options.


                    Get the right computer for your needs: From web browsing and email, to mega-demand gaming and content creation, to automation of your home thermostat, lighting and security systems.


                    Be productive, creative, and entertained on- the-go, with a range of smart, stylish designs and screen sizes to match every budget.

                    Intel? Compute Stick

                    Expand the functionality of your HDTV even beyond the capabilities of a smart TV or media stick so that you can stream a video, surf the web, read email, or communicate with friends via social media on the big screen - all with one versatile device.

                    Tablets and Smartphones

                    Get lightning fast performance, awesome portability and functionality, plus great battery life with Intel-powered mobile devices.

                    Intel? Compute Card

                    Elegant simplicity and ultimate portability make it easy to install, maintain, and upgrade independently of the partner certified device.1

                    Home Networking

                    Intel and its partners are making home networks faster, smarter, and more secure with advanced home networking and wireless technologies that deliver seamless, high-performance connectivity for our digital lives.

                    Intel? RealSense? Cameras

                    Intel? RealSense? technology is shaping the future by giving devices and machines the ability to perceive their surroundings. Our depth cameras allow you to take advantage of coded light and stereo cameras for your vision-based solutions. 


                    Microservers powered by Intel combine high-density storage with low-level energy consumption, creating flexible, scalable solutions for data growth and performance demands.


                    Browse hundreds of sleek designs that can help transform your digital business with long battery life, fast multitasking, great productivity for Windows* 10, strong built-in security, and manageability tools for IT.


                    Blistering speed, HD graphics, seamless multitasking, and flexible configuration make Intel?-based rigs the gaming standard.

                    Put Intel power behind your gaming

                    Personal Use

                    Intel powers computers of all shapes and sizes, find the right one for you.


                    Whether your classroom calls for rugged, mobile, sleek, or stationary, our range of classroom-ready devices are designed with students and teachers in mind.

                    Learn about technology in the classroom

                    Data Centers

                    From memory-intensive business data to the cloud, Intel?-based servers power any workload and lift data center productivity.

                    Product and Performance Information


                    This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.




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